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Session 2020-2021

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The particulars given above are correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.
We have read all the information regarding fee structure and related expenses w.r.t books, uniform, tour & travels and transport.
We understand that there are constraints of vacancy in each class and admission cannot be confirmed by mere registration.
We also understand the Annual fee hike may go up by 10-15%.

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Footnote: Parents may attach extra sheet of paper as Annexure if feel constraint of writing space.
Incomplete form is liable to be rejected.
Checklist of documents to be submitted along with the form within 2 day in school office.
1.   Date of birth certificate. (Photocopy)
2.   Proof of Residence (Parents)
3.   Photocopy of Students Aadhaar card.
4.   Last 2 years report card (Photocopy)(Class 3 upward)